Healthy Media Choices

Attention: The heart of the matter


Last year, Mary Rothschild moved 3,000 miles and engaged in a new listening tour of parents and teachers of young children, as well as a massive curation of  all her former work preparing for a book publication.

What emerged is that we see the need both to bring the sunshine of our attention to young children and to help them develop their own. The question is: how can time be found in the crazy-busy lives of families with young children for nurturing close relationship, resiliency, and the attention everyone needs for life?

Parents and teachers see a whole constellation of environmental influences on the lives of young children. Media and technology use are one part of that environment and are environments themselves that affect us and young children as much as going into a different room or town would.

We offer the process that enables a step back, focus on personal priorities, and then access to strategies for customized solutions for each household, extended and/or blended family.

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