History and Present

Mary Rothschild’s work, born from personal experience as a mother and as founder/director of a children’s center in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, compelled her to address the effects of media and technology use on very young children (prenatal through 6 years).  See Stacy’s Story for a representative example of such experiences.

Over twenty years of listening to parents and teachers of young children as well as graduate work, she sees that behind the emphasis on media is a deeper concern: are the ways young children spend time at home helping them become balanced human beings and develop close, loving ties with family and friends?

Mary has spoken to and helped hundreds of parents and teachers who have found unique ways to be intentional about whatever time they have in their busy schedules and about media in the lives of young children. Her non-judgmental, research-based process of evaluation and reflection, based on individual situations and priorities, looks at the entire constellation of influences in a child’s life. 

She enjoys every minute of this work.