Infant and Pre-school Teachers/Child care Providers


Teachers of young children see first-hand the effects of how time is spent outside of school on young children’s attention, imagination, and development. Mary Rothschild, our founder and director, knows this personally.  Her experience as a director of a program for preschool aged children are what brought her to work in this area.

Our workshops for teachers include:

  • Resources for parent education about family time, over-extended schedules, and media use

  • Exploration of how to respect parents’ control over their home situations while sharing insights from the day with the child

  • Innovative strategies for making small periods of time meaningful in busy families’ lives and for integrating media literacy a natural and enjoyable bridge between home and school.

  • Administrators learn techniques for making information about home time and media use a natural part of the early childhood education environment, so that individual families are open to looking at ways they can support close relationships and relaxed family time.

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