Stacy’s Story

One day, while Mary Rothschild, our founder, was making bread with a group of preschool aged children at Ariadne’s Thread, the children’s center she founded and directed, she realized there had been a period of total silence as the children paid attention to kneading their piece of dough into an animal shape.

She looked around, feeling fulfilled.  She had started the center to provide an environment for just this kind of attention.

Then Stacy (not her real name, of course), who had just turned three, looked up and said:

“The Lion King video is too loud.”

There was no TV in the children’s center.  Perhaps it was coming from a car in the street outside?  Mary listened and finally said:

“I don’t hear it, Stacy.”

Stacy’s large, dark eyes turned up to meet Mary’s as she said:

“It’s in my head.  It’s in my head.”

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