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Richard Lewis on Seeing Children

Richard Lewis understands how to see children, to come under the influence of a focused attention with  them so that he can facilitate the journey into their own imaginations and develop their own voices.He also knows the results of the alchemy of that attention: poems and exchanges that show how children, and all of us, are capable of “turning the telescope around” and seeing the exterior world, including the inner feelings, sensations and thoughts.

No matter what cultural or belief background you and I come from, don’t we recognize that action, that gathering of attention so that we see the world in a way that goes beyond factualization, as an essential action for touching the divine?

The website for The Touchstone Center is

This was originally aired on the Healthy Media Choices Hour on Brattleboro Community Radio,  Witness for Childhood is a sister site to Healthy Media Choices, a 501c3 organization,  is at and is a collaboration with Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood.

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