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Lillian Firestone, Author of The Forgotten Language of Children

Link to transcript

Excerpts from the book (not included in the transcript are read at the end of the recording

The work described in The Forgotten Language Language of Children: A Journey in Living Authentically is based on the ideas of G. I. Gurdjieff, a teacher who appeared in Europe in the early 20th century with, Lillian Firestone says:  “An idea that was completely revolutionary at the time – that people were capable of different stages of consciousness and that everything depended on a person’s level of consciousness at the moment that he was speaking or acting.”

The insights expressed here span traditions and address the core need for relationship between between ourselves and our children. Firestone describes the effort as one of encouraging spiritual experience without pointing to a particular tradition.  She describes moments that will be familiar to anyone who lives with and/or works with young children. The book gives the perspective of an adult following her own search, alongside others. Those others include the children, whose integrity is respected.

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