Healthy Media Choices

Being Resolute


Somehow, New Year’s resolutions leave me cold. Probably, this is because of experience with starting with an idea about what would be “better,” only to find that it was just that – an idea, with its own set of unintended consequences. 

Being resolute, actually finding a place in myself that can stand up to inertia and fear, that can meet each moment with intelligence, courage, and grace – that’s appealing. 

As one who works with parents of young children, I see the emphasis on being, on being in touch with one’s own insights, priorities, and energies for the everyday challenges and decisions of life as a parent, as essential.

This takes both self-care and intention and it can be hard to see the connections.

Maybe nothing seems to change on the surface but my experience is that there is an incremental change – children respond to the kind of attention it takes to try to be in the moment with them, and with ourselves. Little by little, they draw nearer – and listen. What could be better? 


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